November 16, 2018 tsmarketing

Clover Station is easy to set up, intuitive and equipped with software that will improve your business. A complete business management system that allows you to combine all business operations into one POS system. Make both traditional and contactless payments, track inventory, manage timesheets, run reports and print from its connectivity hub. Ran on cloud-based software, you can access your business information wherever you are. Businesses best suited for the Clover Station are full service restaurants, large retail stores, bars & clubs and quick service restaurants.

A few of the many benefits that come with the Clover Station are all-in-one payments, complete security, rewards programs and rich analytics. Process virtually all kinds of payments including, EMV chip, standard credit and debit cards, contactless payments and mobile payments. Safeguard your business and your customer data with end-to-end encryption and built-in fraud protection from Clover Security. Run a customized digital loyalty and marketing program to enroll new customers and draw existing customers back to your business. Gain valuable performance insight and transaction data on your customers and business trends to better target your marketing efforts.