November 12, 2018 tsmarketing

Clover Mini is sleek, simple to use and scales-up to full POS functionality. Compact, easy to move and with the ability to accept all payment methods, Clover Mini is the most flexible payment terminal around. Simplify your business and do more as your business grows with management apps from the App Market. Businesses best suited for the Clover Mini POS are small-medium sized retailers, quick service restaurants, beauty salons and spas.

The Clover Mini provides business owners with powerful POS management tools and technology. Clover Mini comes with a robust inventory backend supporting categories, labels, modifiers and variants to let you build orders fast and track sales later. With management permissions and a PIN for each employee, business owners are always protected. Apply tax, discounts, loyalty rewards and gift cards with just a tap.

The Clover Mini also provides business owners with lots of rich analytics to grow their business. The Clover dashboard lets business owners keep an eye on sales, track inventory, and oversee all aspects of their business. Analytics exist in the cloud making data accessible for business owners with any internet connected device.

With the Clover Mini POS, business owners can utilize its tools to increase their customer loyalty. Once customers are in the Clover Mini system, business owners can send out real-time promos by email and text message. Create fun, effective loyalty programs in minutes for free. Get customer feedback sent directly to your inbox so you can hear privately what’s on their minds.